About us

Welcome to my internet presentation of exclusive carpets. I invite you to join me on a visit to the unique world of carpets from both the Orient and the Occident.

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My shop offers a selection of new carpets which I would like to introduce to you in more detail. The carpets mainly originate from my native country, Persia. This is where I completed my teacher training in geography and history before specializing in the art of carpet weaving in Germany.

The names of the carpets indicate the special qualities for which each carpet is well-known. They come from


Our specialist carpet shop was established here in 1967. It has been under my management since 1980, to this day benefiting from more than 30 years’ of my experience as a master hand in carpet repairs and restoration. In 2007 the shop was completely modernized and refurbished.

In the meantime, our specialist shop has taken on a leading role in the area of repairs and cleaning, operating worldwide. All repair work is conducted by hand; cleaning processes are carried out with eco-friendly soap.

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My consulting service includes bringing a selection of carpets to your house if so wished. Moreover, I can arrange for a business partner to provide interior decoration consultation on a Feng Shui basis in your home.

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturdays until 1 pm or upon prior appointment.

I look forward to your visit. Enjoy the huge selection of carpets over a cup of coffee.

Akbar Berg